Hans Christen Knævelsrud working on camp management for UNHCR in Zaatari Camp in Jordan (Photo: NRC/Christian Jepsen)


NORCAP is the Norwegian Refugee Council’s expert deployment capacity. We aim to improve international and local ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from crises. We do this by bringing actors together and by sending experts to the UN and to national, regional and international organisations and institutions.

NORCAP strives to make humanitarian efforts more efficient and effective, to better meet the needs of those affected by crises. We prevent and reduce the impact of conflict and disasters through building preparedness and resilience, developing national and local capacity and systems, and strengthening coordination.

Gender equality and accountability are important principles in our work. We address the rights, needs and priorities of women, men, girls and boys of different ages and backgrounds, and make sure they participate in the decisions that affect their lives and futures.

Wide range of experience

Since its establishment in 1991, NORCAP has deployed experts to more than 9,000 missions worldwide. Across all our rosters, NORCAP has more than 900 experienced professionals, recruited to meet the changing demands of a wide range of contexts and crises.

Most experts are members of the NORCAP roster, which is our largest and one of the most used standby rosters worldwide. The NORCAP roster members are experts in their field, ranging from education, logistics, and camp management to peacebuilding, legal affairs, coordination and leadership.

At the heart of NORCAP are our excellent roster members. They are hardworking experts who build capacity and improve the humanitarian coordination and response. They are the ones who make a difference on the ground in challenging and complex working conditions.
Jan Egeland, Secretary General

Specialised expertise

In collaboration with the UN and other partners, NORCAP also operates several thematic rosters. These provide high-level support through specialised expertise in the areas of protection, gender, needs assessments, mediation, camp coordination and cash and markets. These roster experts work across sectors to improve the response to needs on the ground. 

How we work

NORCAP strives to make humanitarian efforts more efficient and effective, to better meet the needs of affected people. At the same time, we work to prevent and mitigate the impact of conflict and disasters.

We do this by increasing national and local knowledge of coping mechanisms, disaster risk reduction and how to adapt to changing environments. NORCAP experts also help ensure that the right systems are in place and that those affected are able to communicate and coordinate with each other.

Without the right people on the ground, it is impossible to use resources efficiently to improve the lives of people in emergency situations. NORCAP has 25 years of experience in deploying the right person at the right time to the right place. In close dialogue with our partners, we continue to analyse humanitarian trends to proactively recruit experts in areas of high demand.

NORCAP experts are ready to deploy within 72 hours of the onset of an acute emergency, and provide support during all phases of a crisis. Our strong emphasis on staff care is critical for staff welfare. It helps our experts carry out their missions in the most trying circumstances and to be ready quickly for new assignments.

Read caption Miriam Azar, NORCAP deployee to UNICEF, takes a Syrian refugee mother to the distribution point in a tented settlement in eastern Lebanon in February 2013. (Photo: UNICEF/Lebanon/Ahmad Azakir)
To support national, regional and international organisations and institutions, particularly the UN, in all stages of a crisis, from prevention and early warning to emergency response and from monitoring, reconstruction and conflict resolution to sustainable development and democratic governance.
NORCAP mission statement


Agents of change

NORCAP’s contribution goes beyond filling human resource gaps. We aim to contribute to positive and durable change. In the field, our experts improve coordination and efficiency, and contribute to increasing the knowledge of their host organisations. Their broad experience across institutions, cultures and countries brings new perspectives to the agencies they are deployed to and facilitates learning in the international aid system as a whole.

NORCAP aims to respond to changing needs and priorities in the field and with our partners. We have developed new partnerships and ways of working by bringing together stakeholders across sectors and mandates. In this way, NORCAP pushes the humanitarian agenda forward to bridge the gap between prevention, response, recovery and development.





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