Global displacement overview


Conflict, violence and drought forces millions to flee.

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The global displacement figures

Yet again, the scope of displacement and subsequent humanitarian crises is at an all-time high.

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Hundreds of thousands have fled from violence in Myanmar and Afghanistan

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Trump turns the screws on refugees.

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The Middle East

Civilians bear the brunt of international power play

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Refugees are meeting closed doors

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The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. We work in crises across 31 countries, where we help save lives and rebuild futures.


2019 will be another year of crisis

At the start of 2018, 68.5 million people were displaced by war and violent conflict. There is little evidence to suggest that we will see this number decreasing in 2019.

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Rape as a weapon of war

Quiet, cheap and scarily efficient:

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Reaching more communities in crisis

Our annual report for 2017 shows how we expanded our work and were able to help more people than ever before.

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