Um Rakuba refugee camp on 2 December 2020. The camp is located 70 kilometers from the Ethiopian border inside eastern Sudan. It currently hosts some 10,000 Ethiopia refugees, who have fled fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region over the past month. Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), was on the ground in the camp speaking with families who had fled the violence. NRC has set up emergency schooling for children displaced by the violence. Already a school for 700 children is up and running after five days operating in the camp.

Copyright: Ingebjørg Kårstad / Norwegian Refugee Council
Read caption A child writing on a chalkboard at the school built by NRC in Um Rakuba camp. Photo: Ingebjørg Kårstad/NRC

NRC in Sudan

Sudan is the fifth largest humanitarian context in the world, with almost 13 million people in humanitarian need. NRC started activities in Sudan in 2020.

A total of


people in need received our assistance in 2020.


Humanitarian overview

In 2021, more than one in four people in Sudan requires humanitarian assistance. The country suffers from multiple protracted and recent emergencies, against a challenging, changing backdrop. The political system is in a strained state of transition, the economy is currently in crisis with high inflation and fuel and bread shortages, a peace process with multiple non-state armed groups is underway, and the AU-UN peacekeeping mission prematurely closed at the end of 2020 despite continuing protection threats.

Sudan is the fifth largest humanitarian context in the world, with almost 13 million people in humanitarian need, including over 2.5 million Sudanese people who are internally displaced by conflict, the majority of whom are in Darfur, and over a million refugees from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and others. Since November 2020, a new refugee emergency and military border tensions in eastern Sudan flowed from the Tigray crisis in Ethiopia.

Since the political transition in 2019, bureaucratic restrictions that hindered humanitarian response have significantly decreased.

People we helped in Sudan in 2020

people benefited from our education programme
people benefited from our shelter programme
people benefited from our WASH programme

NRC's operation

NRC resumed operations in Sudan in 2020, providing humanitarian assistance, protection, and durable solutions. Our country programme integrates all of NRC’s six core competencies (camp management, education, ICLA, livelihoods, shelter, and WASH), and provides a rapid response capacity (including for the recent refugee emergency in eastern Sudan), and also thematic capacities for cash and markets-based approaches, advocacy, digital modes of assistance, and co-leading various technical and strategic coordination platforms.

NRC Sudan is grateful for the generous support from our donors:


  • European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO)
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA)
  • Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
  • Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SHF)
  • Vitol Foundation

About NRC in Sudan

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Khartoum State; Gedaref state, South Kordofan state, greater Darfur region
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