NRC staff coordinating food distribution to more than 7000 displaced, together with local leaders in Ngop, South Sudan.
NRC Project Officer Fadzai Manyere coordinates with local leaders on food distribution in Ngop, Unity state, South Sudan. “We are literally saving lives here”, she affirms. Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran/NRC

How to join us

The recruitment process in The Norwegian Refugee Council is thorough, and we place strong emphasis on our future employees' humanitarian and ethical principles, and the importance of diversity and equality.

Recruitment process

The NRC recruitment process is thorough. We want to make sure that our future employees will deliver up to NRC's high quality standard, that they will cope with the demanding environments we work in, and that they will adhere to our humanitarian ethic principles.

A five-step process
The recruitment process usually consists of the following five steps. The process can take up to four months, but is often much faster than this.



Six-months assignments or emergency situations
As NRC wants to balance transparent recruitment with filling gaps and vacancies in a timely way, we follow a similar but simplified procedure for assignments shorter than six months.

And in case of an emergency, we use fast track procedures to fill positions.

Internal candidates
All vacant positions in NRC are posted on this site.

In line with NRC's development policy, internal candidates with the relevant profile and qualifications will in general be assessed primarily in the selection process. You are considered an internal candidate if you currently are working with NRC, or if it is two years or less since your last assignment with NRC.

All candidates should expect reference checks with their previous employers.

Diversity and equality

NRC offers opportunities for qualified employees of all origins, genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Recognising and respecting diversity is key
Our staff are working and interacting daily with colleagues and displaced people of different identities, cultures and backgrounds:

  • We currently employ staff from more than 100 different nationalities.
  • Through NORCAP, we support our partners in more than 70 countries.

Local first
90 per cent of our staff are national employees and many of our staff were once themselves forcibly displaced. This gives us unique insight into the environments where we work.

Focus on female staff in the field
We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for male and female staff at all levels within the organisation. With this in mind, we aim to increase the proportion of female staff among the NRC workforce as a whole. This target takes into consideration the different contexts we operate in.

In 2018, we conducted a survey of female staff in the field. This gave us valuable insights into their needs and aspirations, as well as the barriers to recruitment and retention that exist for female staff. This information and continuous feedback from our female employees will guide our efforts in the future.