A woman is sitting by a sewing machine, teaching sewing to several other women. She is turned towards the camera, smiling.
“I am happy I am learning how to sew. I want to be able to make clothes for people and teach displaced people like me," says Ramotu, a participant in one of NRC's skills training programmes in Nigeria. Photo: NRC


Published 29. Jun 2017|Updated 13. Feb 2023
The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is committed to being accountable to our staff and the people we serve. We place particular emphasis upon the importance of sharing information with them as well as the general public. Transparency is a prerequisite for accountability, and NRC is always aiming at making information about the work we do more accessible and visible.

About our partnership with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA)

NRC has a long history of partnership with NMFA. Over the years we have diversified our donor base, which allows us a higher level of financial security and predictability. However, NMFA remains our largest donor, contributing 20 per cent of our total turnover. In addition, we receive 2 per cent of our total turnover from Norway’s development branch, Norad. The partnership goes beyond receiving funds and includes dialogue on country contexts, policy issues and topics of common interest.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), which runs from 2020-2024, represents the administrative and legal framework of our collaboration.