Read caption Children in a crowded classroom in a school in the village Zourossongou, The Central African Republic. NRC, with support from NMFA, has supplied new school desks. The children sit 4 at each desk, due to limited space and limited number of desks. Photo: Ingrid Prestetun/NRC.

Transparency commitment vis-à-vis NMFA

Published 29. Jun 2017
NRC is committed to being accountable to our staff and the people we serve. We place particular emphasis upon the importance of sharing information with them as well as the general public. Transparency is a prerequisite for accountability, and NRC is always aiming at making information about the work we do more accessible and visible.

About our partnership with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA)

NRC has a long history of partnership with NMFA. Over the years we have diversified our donor base, which allows us a higher level of financial security and predictability. However, NMFA remains our largest donor, i.e. contributing 25% of our total turnover. In addition, we receive 2% of our total turnover from Norad. The partnership goes beyond receiving funds and includes dialogue on country contexts, policy issues and topics of common interest.

The Global Partnership Agreement (GPA) II, which runs from 2016-2018 represents the administrative and legal framework of our collaboration.

Funding from NMFA

Grant Agreement. §14 Transparency
14.1 The Grant Recipient shall publish the following in a dedicated and easily accessible place of its internet site: a) a copy of this Agreement; b) the title and value of any contracts, cooperation agreements and/or other sub-agreements of more than NOK 500 000 (or the equivalent in local currency) which are to be financed by the Grant; c) the names and nationalities of the respective agreement parties and, if relevant, any further sub-grantees or contractors in receipt of Project funds.

Country office Funding source NRC project code Title Sector Value (NOK) Cooperating partner/sub-grantee/contractor Nationality
Jordan NMFA HUM JOFM1601 Transportation Education, youth and information, counselling and legal assistance (ICLA) 1 393 054 Al Brige For Renting Buss Co. Jordanian
Jordan NMFA HUM JOFM1601 Security guards Education and youth 783 786 Mediterranean Armed Co. for Security Protection and Money Transfer Jordanian
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFE1508 Transportation for most vulnerable cases (children cycle 4+4 months) Education 1 454 923 Liban Post Lebanese
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFM1601 Cash transfer to Syrian beneficiaries in CSMC programme Shelter 3 382 778 CSC Bank Lebanese
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFM1601 Water tanks Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) 1 133 254 Al Inshaa Wal Taamir Lebanese
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFM1601 Latrine Kit installation WASH 1 579 963 Lebanese Contracting Group Lebanese
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFM1601 LTA-Long Term Agreement Support 516 484 AVIS-Rent a car Lebanese
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFM1602 Water tank WASH 1 550 563 Qasmieh Water Tank - EMC Lebanese
Lebanon NMFA HUM LBFM1602 LTA-Long Term Agreement Support 655 524 AVIS-Rent a car Lebanese
Mali NMFA HUM MLFM1601 NRC/ML/BMK/EDU/01/2016/001 – Accord bipartite entre NRC et l’Association Solidarité pour le Sahel (SOLISA) pour le projet « Formation en métier en faveur des jeunes affectés par le conflit dans la Région de Kidal » Education 788 271 SOLISA Malian
Pakistan NMFA HUM PKFM1601 Integrated humanitarian assistance for Afghan Refugees in Balochistan through provision of education assistance (Accelerated Education Programme), livelihood support and water provision.
(Note that the total contract value was NOK 5.596.632. This was covered by fund contributions from both NMFA and Sida. The figure quoted in the table is relating to the expenses charged to NMFA HUM. The agreement covers education, food security and WASH.)
Education 1 023 485 Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation Pakistani
Somalia NMFA HUM SOFM1603 Construction of fencing wall, four classrooms and latrines - Kulbiyow school  Education 724 335 Deegan Trading and Construction Company Somalian
Somalia NMFA HUM SOFM1603 Construction  of additional fencing wall and rehabilitation of classrooms and latrines - Sharif Qolateyn school, Mogadishu Education 522 573 Al Yusuf Construction, Trading and General Services Somalian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFY1401 Basement  kits/Sales Agreement # 23/06 dd 23.06.2015/PR 0251-0254 Shelter 740 224 LLC ''Epicentr K'' Ukrainian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFY1401 Basement kits/Sales Agreement # 23/06 dd 23.06.2015/PR 0238 Shelter 785 020 LLC ''Epicentr K'' Ukrainian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFS1503 Hard coal of grade DG(G)13-100/ Supply Agreement # 0808 dd 26.10.2015/PR 0808 Shelter 447 662 LLC "Euroluhinvest" Ukrainian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFM1601 Ford Ranger DC XLT 2016MY (4 pcs)/Supply Agreement # КСЮ-000065 dd 29.03.2016/PR 1496 Support 993 624 LLC "WINNER AUTOMOTIVE" Ukrainian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFM1601 Coal LG13-100 908.72t/Supply Agreement # SDO-075 dd 05.12.2016/PR SDO-0246 Shelter 2 019 462 LLC Partner 2016 Ukrainian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFM1601 Firewood/Supply Agreement # SDO-066 dd 05.09.2016/PR SDO-0247 Shelter 469 391 Gonchar PE Ukrainian
Ukraine NMFA HUM UAFM1601 Briquettes, oak/Supply Agreement # SDO-002 dd 05.01.2016, Spec # 12 dd 28.10.2016/PR SDO-0432 Shelter 410 693 LLC ''Epicentr K'' Ukrainian

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