Carnot - see brochure - quand je serai grand. November 2014. Photo: NRC/ Vincent Tremeau
Read caption Photo: NRC/ Vincent Tremeau
In a world with limited resources, we must improvise.

NRC wants to be more creative and effective in helping the displaced people we serve. Our projects weave together the inventiveness of our staff, our partners and the displaced persons themselves.

In Eritrea, refugees power their school computers with the sun. In Ethiopia, they heat their homes with biogas fuel.

From biometric registration to Wi-Fi in schools, we encourage constant, forward thinking.

Cash and vouchers

We want to give displaced people more choice when it comes to their needs, and a sense of dignity after trauma. We integrate cash and vouchers into all of our core activities.

Read more about our cash and vouchers programmes.

Refugees innovating

Displaced people know best what they need for their everyday lives. Often, these men, women, boys and girls are the most innovative in creating solutions to common problems.

Renewable energy

We want to preserve the environment and recycle resources where we can. Alternative fuels pave the way.