Driven Out: The Continuing Forced Displacement of Palestinian Residents from Hebron’s Old City

NRC|Published 15. Jul 2013
This report aims to frame the current widespread violations of Palestinian housing, land and property rights taking place in Hebron against the applicable legal framework, both domestic and international.

The Old City of Hebron, a city within the occupied Palestinian territory with religious significance to Jews, Muslims and Christians, has been divided into two administrative sections, H1 and H2. The H2 area is completely under Israeli military control, resulting in severe hurdles to Palestinian residents and damage to the economic health of the city.

The laws, orders, practices and policies governing the Hebron Old City are particularly complex. Against this legal labyrinth is the highly politicised context of Hebron, where settler activity is rampant and security justifications used as a blanket veto of basic Palestinian rights. It is hoped that this report will act as a guide to understand the legal basis of Palestinian displacement in Hebron and a tool for challenging this displacement within a rights-based framework.

This publication has been produced by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) with assistance from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.