Palestine: End Gaza violence immediately

Published 11. May 2023
Statement by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) on the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip:

Renewed conflict in Gaza shows that the international community has failed in preventing Israel from using unnecessary lethal force against civilians and ensuring basic needs for the population it occupies,” said Caroline Ort, NRC’s country director for Palestine.

“We appeal to all parties for an immediate ceasefire to spare lives. Indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Gaza and Israel must stop. Israel must abide by international law and distinguish between civilians who directly participate in hostilities and those who do not or no longer do. Palestinian Islamic Jihad must not directly or indiscriminately launch attacks against Israeli civilians.

“A six-year-old child in Gaza has on average experienced violence every year of their life. There is hardly a home or a street in Gaza that has not seen death or destruction. Poverty and unemployment are on the rise as endless cycles of violence push people to a breaking point.”