NRC staff helping children.
NRC teams support children of families displaced to the collective shelters to cope after the earthquake in Aleppo.

Syria earthquake response: urgent funding needs to be scaled up

Published 15. Feb 2023
All over Syria, the aftermath of the deadly 6 February earthquake has piled more misery on a population already struggling to secure their basic needs. Those needs have now only grown; millions of Syrians are desperately waiting for support. The humanitarian response must be urgently scaled up if people are to survive and ever recover.

We have the people, the access and ability to scale up our response to deliver more support across affected areas of Syria.  However, we are running out of funding and may not be able to fully provide vital assistance to the earthquake response at this critical time in Syria. This means thousands will miss out on crucial support because the funding is not keeping up.

Syrian and international organisations like NRC are already on the ground supporting all disaster-stricken communities in Syria but they too are facing funding challenges.

NRC has delivered urgent assistance to people in Idlib, Hama, Aleppo and Lattakia in the first week of the response. Over the next few weeks, NRC plans to reach 90,000 people in need, but to do this, we need to raise $9 million USD. We thank donors for the flexible funding allocated, but the current level of funding reaching the affected areas of Syria is nowhere near what is needed. Redirecting existing resources and funding from other parts of Syria is not the solution. We urge donors to allocate new and additional funding as time is running out to support thousands of Syrians counting on us for vital assistance.