Brussels conference outcome: Money urgently needed

Published 30. Jun 2020
Statement by NRC Secretary General Jan Egeland:

"The EUR 6.9 bn (USD 7.7 bn) pledged for the aid response today at the Brussels Conference is needed now more than ever. The total raised is around EUR 2 billion less than last year, however, at a time when Syrians are facing unprecedented levels of hunger and poverty in Syria and in the region.

"With Covid-19 continuing to spread, and the economic knock on effects only beginning to emerge, the priority now is for donors to honour their commitments swiftly and push for increased humanitarian access to enable our colleagues on the ground to deliver the aid where it is needed most.

"In addition to increased assistance, the millions of war-weary civilians need the faltering ceasefire in Idlib to hold and the many years of war to end through negotiations, not further bloodshed."

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  • Karl Schembri, Regional Media Adviser in the Middle East: +962 (0) 7902 20159,