NRC statement on the attack on aid convoy in Syria

NRC|Published 20. Sep 2016

"This is an attack against humanity. It is not 'collateral damage' and there is no excuse for this horrendous targeting of humanitarian aid and aid workers. They were unarmed civilians, humanitarians, putting their lives on the line to help fellow Syrians. It is unbelievable that this could happen to a regular humanitarian convoy, giving detailed information about where the convoy was heading, when, how many trucks and what they were carrying. We are outraged and demand that an immediate and thorough investigation is launched and those behind it are held accountable. Besides the catastrophic loss of life of our humanitarian colleagues, this means many more Syrians will be denied the lifesaving aid they have been desperately needing for months on end. In a situation in which reaching millions of the most vulnerable people caught in this war was already very difficult – this attack marks a new low in the respect for humanitarian action – in the end making it even harder to deliver lifesaving humanitarian aid. We call on all parties to the conflict to guarantee safe access for humanitarian aid delivery. Many children are alive today because there was a ceasefire for one week. The US and Russia must renew efforts to re-establish the ceasefire and guarantee its enforcement from all parties on the ground," NRC's Syria Response Director, Thomas White said.