End the nightmares

Published 08. Jul 2015
An eight year old child in Gaza has lived through three wars. Soon, an entire generation will have no memory of a life without the blockade. Imagine what it means for a child to grow up surrounded by poverty and conflict, with only a distant hope that one day, things might get better.
This animated film plunges into the nightmares the children of Gaza and Hebron experience, night after night. It is made from real drawings, from real children.

On average, the children entering NRC's programmes have four to five nightmares a week. Each time, they relive the war, the destruction of their homes, the death of neighbours, relatives, and they cannot go back to sleep. Many struggle to stay awake during school and to concentrate on their homework. The children suffer from severe trauma that will impair their intellectual and emotional development for the rest of their lives.

Every day, NRC provides psycho-educational support to thousands of children in Gaza, and works with parents, teachers and counsellors to help them overcome the trauma. 

Two thirds of the children we work with stop having nightmares.
The images in this film are taken from the ‘Better Learning Program’ implemented by NRC between September 2012 and May 2014 using images from the previous conflicts, across Gaza and the West Bank. The goal of the Better Learning Programme is to regain lost learning capacity, strengthen resilience and promote well-being of children through a school-based intervention combining psychosocial and educational approaches.