Support people forced to flee

By donating, you provide lifesaving support to people fleeing their homes in Ukraine and in the other countries where our help is needed.

Every day, wars and conflicts force thousands of people around the world to flee. Together, we can support them in rebuilding their lives.

The war in Ukraine has created the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Thanks to our donors and supporters, we have been able to act quickly, providing food, shelter and protection to those who need it.

At the same time, we do not neglect the millions of other displaced people who need our support. As a monthly donor, you can ensure that more people receive protection, water, food, shelter and education. We help where the need is greatest.

Each year, we help millions of people around the world, and with your support, we can help even more.

The people of Ukraine need your help now! To donate click here


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 U.S. residents 
If you are a U.S. resident please click here to make a 100% tax-deductible donation today.


To support our work from outside of Norway, you may also use our donation bank account: 

IBAN Acc.:NO0783800806006



How we use your donation

We make sure that your donations go to those who need it the most. Over 90 per cent of NRC's income is channelled to our work with people forced to flee – wherever they need us.

When you support us, you ensure that displaced people get food, clean water and a roof over their head. Through your donation, we can build schools and train teachers. We also offer legal assistance, helping displaced people claim their rights. In the freezing winter months, we provide warm clothes and heating.

Every day, we see how donations from people like you make a difference. You give children, women and men life-saving assistance and hope for the future.

Want to read more before you make a donation?

Read about who we are and the impact we have in displaced people's lives.