NRC's response to the Ukraine crisis


NRC is now scaling up efforts inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to provide aid to people forced to flee.

Livelihoods and food security Education Information, counselling and legal assistance (ICLA) Shelter and settlements

Every fourth Ukrainian is now displaced, as we face a displacement crisis of unprecedented proportions. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is scaling up its crisis response both inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to meet the growing needs.

More than 13 million people have been displaced within Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Many have lost their homes forever, and thousands of families have been separated for an indefinite time. Displacement-affected people need essential supplies and services, shelter and food, psychosocial support and medical care.

NRC is present on the ground, organising water, food, cash assistance, sanitation, shelter, and legal support.

This is what we do

Inside Ukraine

NRC Ukraine is continuing to provide critical humanitarian assistance. To people trapped in hotspots in eastern Ukraine we are providing:

  • life-saving food
  • hygiene kits
  • emergency shelter kits
  • cash assistance

We are also scaling up our response in western Ukraine, with a focus on multi-sectoral support to displaced people through:

  • cash assistance
  • shelter
  • camp management
  • information and legal aid

Finally, we are implementing cross-border activities in southern Ukraine (Odesa Oblast) through our area office in the Republic of Moldova. We are supporting people on the move with:

  • information sharing
  • access to basic services and life-saving assistance
  • transit kits (food, hygiene and information)
  • emergency non-food items at transit centres
  • accommodation for the most vulnerable cases

In neighbouring countries

We are working with national partners in Poland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova to support Ukrainian refugees with:

  • transit centres with safe spaces for children
  • food
  • cash assistance
  • shelter
  • access to better hygiene facilities
  • education
  • psychosocial support 
  • information and legal aid
  • access to national social support systems

Our response in numbers (as of 17 May)

After launching our cash assistance programme in Ukraine, we registered more than 120,000 applications for assistance in just 10 days.

We have provided nearly 2,000 free legal consultations in Ukraine since the war began.

We have 90 staff actively working on responding to the crisis within Ukraine, with plans to recruit more than 200 in total. We are also working with four local partner organisations: Luhansk Association of Organisations of People with Disabilities, Right to Protection, Stabilization Support Services, and Vostok SOS.

We have supported 24,538 individuals in Poland alone with various kinds of assistance.

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