The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

Edited 29. Jun 2017
NRC is committed to being accountable to our staff and beneficiaries. Transparency is a prerequisite for accountability, and NRC is always aiming at making information about the work we do more accessible and visible.

We are working with internally displaced persons and refugees, and place particular emphasis upon the importance of sharing information with them as well as the general public. The information we publish and how we respond to requests for information are important aspects of accountability.

About The IATI

IATI aims to increase transparency by making information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand.

In April 2012, NRC published its IATI Implementation Schedule. This document provides details of the type of information that NRC plans to publish and publishing dates.

Datasets published

NRC publish information about some of our projects to the IATI Data Registry. The project data information is available in the IATI registry in XML format in line with the IATI standards.

View NRC data at the IATI Registry or view the following Project Datasets:

Updated June 2017

The data covers 156 projects in over 15 countries and includes all projects from 2011 until present date. 154 projects are funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), both through bilateral funding and the Programme Partnership Arrangements (PPA), 2 projects are funded by Dutch MFA.

We seek to publish an update of expenditure of these projects on a quarterly basis.

The table below provides explanations for headings in the data we have published, the table is included in the Excel sheet.

  Data set:   
Implementing organisation
Organisation identifier Organisation identifier
Country code ISO code country of impact
Country Country of impact
Recipient region Region of impact
Sub national geographic location State, province or other locality of impact
Funding organisation The donor providing the funds for the project, currently only DFID
Project title Title of project
Core competency Name the core competency (e.g. Education, Shelter, Food Security, GBV, WASH)
Project description Brief description of project
Project status Pipeline/identification (1), Implementation (2), Completion (3), Post-completion (4), Cancelled (5)
Project status text Pipeline/identification (1), Implementation (2), Completion (3), Post-completion (4), Cancelled (5)
Project status code Pipeline/identification (1), Implementation (2), Completion (3), Post-completion (4), Cancelled (5)
Project start date Start date of project (yyyy-mm-dd)
Project end date End of project (yyyy-mm-dd)
Project contacts Email address of representatives for country operations.
DAC sector code DAC sector codes
DAC sector text DAC sector text (e.g. description of the content of the code)
Transaction type Total grant of project
Transaction code IF for (Incoming Funds), C for (Commitment), and E for (Expenditure)
Transaction value Total amount for the transaction type
Transaction date The date of when the indicated transaction of funds was made (yyyy-mm-dd)
Document references Url link address to project documents
Project website The country programme website under