How we work

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) works to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable people during crisis.

Through our programmes, we provide assistance to meet immediate humanitarian needs, prevent further displacement and contribute to durable solutions.

Through our stand-by rosters, we provide expertise as a strategic partner to the UN, as well as to national and international actors.

Through our advocacy, we strive for rights to be upheld and for lasting solutions to be achieved.

We take action during situations of armed conflict, and engage in other contexts where our competencies will add value. We are a rights-based organisation and are committed to the principles of humanity, neutrality, independence and impartiality.

Areas of expertise

At the root of NRC's programmes are our solid technical expertise and specific sectorial knowledge. Our programmes aim for the highest possible quality, whether in stand-alone or integrated approaches.

Through decades of providing assistance and protection to displaced populations in complex contexts, we have developed expertise in six sectors, which we refer to as our core competencies. NRC will continue to develop our expertise within the six core competencies to ensure we become – and remain – a leading global actor in these sectors. We will continually draw from our experience and learning. In doing so, we will be able to develop appropriate programme designs and approaches adapted to changing humanitarian contexts, and will contribute to, and lead, on setting sector standards.

An integrated approach involving all our core competencies, closely linked to work by other agencies, is required to effectively ensure that individuals, households and communities are protected, that they receive appropriate assistance, and that they enjoy their social and economic rights. We apply a multisector approach to targeting and implementation based on the needs, vulnerabilities
and priorities of people and communities in a given context.

Durable solutions

NRC supports displaced people’s freedom of choice and self-reliance, and promotes the legally-defined durable solutions to displacement: return, local integration and resettlement in a third location. We always advocate for displacement to last no longer than required by the circumstances and that options for durable solutions to displacement must be informed, voluntary and sustainable.

Reaching a settlement option does not mean that all needs and vulnerabilities related to displacement have been addressed. We understand that durable solutions will only be attained once displaced people no longer have specific assistance and protection needs that are linked to their displacement, and when they are able to enjoy their rights without discrimination on account of their displacement. Their ability to secure a livelihood is critical.

Although we work to achieve durable solutions for the people and communities we serve, including in supporting their access to sustainable livelihoods, we may conclude operations in a country programme before durable solutions are attained.