Read caption Secretary General, Jan Egeland speaking to the displaced in Mwaka, DR Congo. Photo: Alex McBride/NRC

Equinor employees choose to support Norwegian Refugee Council with 2.5MNOK

Published 26. Mar 2019
At the end of February, NRC was informed that the employees of Equinor had chosen to give a large Christmas gift to support our work in the field.

Commenting on the gift, our secretary general Jan Egeland said:  

On behalf of all of the displaced people that we serve and the staff at the Norwegian Refugee Council working across 30 countries, I would like to thank the employees of Equinor for choosing to support us with your generous Christmas gift. In these challenging times with record numbers of displaced and refugees we truly appreciate the support from Equinor and its employees. The funds we receive will strengthen our humanitarian work in the field as we continue to help some 9 million displaced people in hard-to-reach conflict areas of the world. 

NRC’s corporate partners allow us to strengthen our programs and improve efficiencies. Thanks to their generosity, we deliver life-changing aid to the world’s displaced people.

If you are interested in learning more about employee giving please contact us at