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We use cookies from third parties. A third-party cookie is a cookie installed by someone other than NRC. This may be other websites that provide content for our website, suppliers of any of our features on the website or analysis programs.

We use the following third-party cookies:

Google Tag Manager is used to organize and manage scripts running on our websites. Google Analytics is used to record and analyse visit statistics on our websites. For instance, it gathers data about the pages visitors view, the timing of their visits, the browsers and devices they use, as well as events such as registration of regular donors and one-time donations. We use this information to increase user-friendliness and to further develop engaging content. You can read the Google Privacy Statement here.

We use Meta Pixel to track and improve our marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Read more about Meta’s cookie policy.

We use the Hotjar's analysis tool to analyse usage patterns on our websites. Read Hotjar's privacy statement.

More about cookies
Here you will find more information about what cookies are and how to manage them: https://cookiesandyou.com/.

Please read NRCs Privacy policy here.