Jan Egeland receives the Ukrainian Order of Merit from Ukraine’s Ambassador to Norway, Jatsiuk Viatsjeslav. Photo: Ingebjørg Kårstad/NRC

NRC receives Ukrainian order of merit for services in Ukraine

Published 04. Mar 2022|Updated 07. Mar 2023
By order of President Volodymyr Zelensky, NRC Secretary General Jan Egeland today received the Order of Merit of Ukraine from Ambassador Viacheslav Yatsiuk for NRC’s humanitarian work in Ukraine since the conflict began in 2014.

Egeland said he accepted the important Order of Merit “on behalf of NRC’s courageous Ukrainian humanitarian workers that now stay and deliver humanitarian relief for the Ukrainian civilian population in their hour of greatest need”.

The award was presented in a ceremony at the Polish Embassy in Oslo, hosted by Poland’s Ambassador to Norway, Dr Iwona Woicka-Zulawska.

Presenting the award, Ambassador Yatsiuk said: “This is an award to you and all your colleagues at the Norwegian Refugee Council that are working in Ukraine and will continue to work in Ukraine at this grave time. The needs will grow in the weeks to come, maybe even in the years to come, and the presence and assistance from humanitarian organisations will be more crucial than ever before.”

Egeland paid tribute to NRC’s aid workers in Ukraine: “I accept this award on behalf of our 70 colleagues on the ground in Ukraine. They have assisted 700,000 Ukrainians since we first started working in the country in 2014.

“I was there myself just three and a half weeks ago and I am thinking today of my colleagues on the ground and even more of the Ukrainians I met who are now engulfed in intense fighting and war. We are currently working to scale up our work in and around Ukraine.”

NRC Ukraine's humanitarian cash assistance program

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