Read caption School chlidren in an NRC managed school in Jambalo, Cauca-province, Colombia. Many of the children have to travel far to get to school. NRC supports the building of a new room where the children can do homework. Photo: Tuva Raanes Bogsnes/NRC.
A corporate partnership with NRC is an exchange of expertise where businesses and corporations play an important role in humanitarian response.

From pro bono contributions to special projects and fundraising, our partnerships have resulted in innovation as well as products and services that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Partner with Norwegian Refugee Council because we:

  • Help people through internationally recognised programmes
  • Have a strong global presence
  • Maintain a solid and positive reputation in the places we work
  • Use over 90% of our budget directly for mission
  • Work closely with our partners to meet mutually beneficial objectives
NRC’s corporate partners allow us to strengthen our programs and improve efficiencies. Thanks to their generosity, we deliver life-changing aid to the world’s growing number of refugees and displaced people.
NRC Secretary General, Jan Egeland
Read caption NRC’s Secretary General, Jan Egeland. Photo: Christian Jepsen/NRC.

By supporting the refugee cause, your business can:

  • Build loyalty and goodwill among stakeholders
  • Motivate your employees and customers to help refugees
  • Increase attractiveness for consumers and suppliers
  • Boost interest from potential employees and increase staff retention
  • Add value to your brand and generate publicity


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Funding and transparency

NRC is a strongly principled organisation. We believe in transparency and hold ourselves accountable to our donors, partners, staff and the displaced people we serve. To maintain the integrity of our work, we adhere to these principles:

Non-discrimination and respect for human dignity:
We are dedicated to providing support for the most vulnerable – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, political views or disabilities.

We ensure that details on how we work and where our funds go are accessible and visible. Our information aligns with the standards of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Read more about our commitment to accountability.

Anti corruption
Corruption, theft and mismanagement are common in many of the countries where we operate. NRC has robust anti-corruption and risk management systems. We hold our partners to the same high standards.

More than 90 per cent of NRC's costs are used in the crisis-affected countries where we operate. NRC’s current administrative costs average between 9-10% of our global budget. Read more about our finances.

Ethical guidelines
Our partners share our values on human rights, employees' rights, the environment and anticorruption. We don't partner with companies whose main business comes from
weapons sales, alcohol or tobacco related products. Read our Ethical Guidelines on corporate partnerships.

Monitoring and evaluation:
We routinely reflect on our experiences and projects in the field, critically assessing our projects at the field and management levels.

At NRC, we take pride in the principles of our humanitarian action

Contact us

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  • Head of Corporate Partnerships
  • +47 23 10 98 00