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Photo: BRCiS/Marco Gualazzini CONTRASTO

BRCiS Consortium - Building Resilient Communities in Somalia

Updated 09. Nov 2023


BRCiS (Building Resilient Communities in Somalia) is a humanitarian Consortium that takes a holistic approach to supporting Somali communities in developing their capacities to understand and manage hazards and shocks so that they can build a better future for themselves.

Our approach is participatory, area based and data-driven. Interventions are carefully designed to contribute to regenerate ecosystems, shock proof livelihoods and reduce risks relating to health and displacement crises in the long term, while also supporting local anticipatory and early action to immediate shocks.

Created in 2013, the Consortium now has eight members and is led by The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). It manages a portfolio of contracts implemented in all Federal Member States of Somalia and funded by various donors, including FCDO, the World Bank, USAID, QFFD and more.

About BRCiS

Our vision

People at the margins of the Somali society are capacitated to engage with and influence their institutions so that their needs are served in a more inclusive and sustainable way.

Addressing root causes for the transformative change.

Somalia's systems are recurrently damaged by shocks, maladaptation and poor governance.

Major climatic shocks, like the current mega -drought, flare up conflict, displacement, accelarate poverty anf degrade the ecosystem. 

Resilience capacities have too little time and resources to recharge. In time, communities and systems are less and less able to help themselves.


BRCiS is eight national and international members.



BRCiS has five donors.


Mitigating the unprecedented drought


USD 260 million invested to strengthen resilience of Somali communities to date.


Operational map






For more information on BRCiS, contact:

Perrine Piton
BRCiS Chief of Party