NRC Community Coordination Toolbox

Published 28. Oct 2020
A new online toolbox for facilitating the engagement of women and marginalised groups in community coordination is now available. The toolbox has been developed by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), with the support of the International Organization for Migration.

The NRC Community Coordination Toolbox provides a repository of carefully developed and tested tools to support the displaced communities in creating systems for meaningful and inclusive participation in coordination of services and assistance in their formal or informal camp, neighbourhood or collective centre, with a particular focus on achieving equal participation of women and marginalised groups.

The toolbox includes nearly 50 tools that aim to refocus on women and marginalised groups’ knowledge, skills and influence as key resources for good coordination, as opposed to just their vulnerabilities and needs.

The term community coordination aims to describe the role that community members should have in the coordination of humanitarian services and assistance affecting their lives – being able to contribute to the collaborative process of information sharing, planning and decision making, to solve problems and address needs, and being able to liaise with a range of external stakeholders through activities such as meetings, referrals, reporting and monitoring.

You can access the toolbox here.