White Nile Camps - Multi-sectoral Needs Assessment

Published 19. Sep 2022
Despite hosting the second-largest refugee population in Sudan, White Nile still represents one of the most underserved and neglected humanitarian responses in the country. Often misperceived as simply a protracted refugee crisis, and where the protracted nature has meant a steady fall to oblivion.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) undertake a multisectoral needs assessment in the nine main refugees camps in the state, first hand findings and evidence-based information have shed light on the immense humanitarian needs, with yearly shocks (i.e., floodings, new arrivals) that regularly propel suffering to emergency levels.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian response has remained minimal, far below international standards. Yet, the White Nile offers crisis offers untapped opportunities for durable solutions and development in Sudan.

Read the White Nile Camps - Multi-sectoral Needs Assessment report here.

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