Ukraine: Food security and livelihoods assessment, May 2020

Published 03. Jul 2020
NRC Ukraine presents a new report on a rapid food security and livelihoods assessment analysing the secondary impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable populations living along the so-called "contact line" in eastern Ukraine.

The report covers general impact together with impact on prices, livelihoods and market accessibility.

The assessment shows that over three quarters of the 381 households interviewed in both urban and rural towns in Donetsk and Luhansk regions reported adverse socio-economic impacts resulting from Covid-19.

The primary concerns cited were increases in the prices of food and hygiene items and in transport costs, as well as a loss of household income and crowded living conditions due to quarantine measures.

Many households reported using negative coping strategies such as spending savings and reducing health expenditures.

Only a third of the households assessed had received humanitarian assistance in the last 2-months, and 93 per cent said they would prefer cash assistance.

Download the report: