Repairing fractured landscapes

Published 02. Dec 2019
Challenges and opportunities for resolving disputes over land, housing, water and other natural resources in Yemen.

April 2019 | Unresolved disputes over housing, land, and natural resources increase the vulnerability of people in conflict affected environments. Disputes can undermine people’s access to their basic needs including shelter, water, and food. As Yemen’s civil war continues through its fourth year, these types of disputes are the reality that most Yemenis face on a daily basis – and these disputes are among the drivers and amplifiers of the war. However, the parts of Yemen where these disputes are being effectively resolved often form pockets of peace and stability.

This report examines the main types of disputes facing ordinary Yemenis and looks at the effectiveness of the institutions tasked with resolving them, and the obstacles they face in providing justice. More importantly, it disaggregates these issues by gender and by other factors of social vulnerability such as caste – since women and members of historically marginalised populations often face unique types of disputes and obstacles to resolving those disputes. Ultimately, the goal of this report is to contribute to an informational foundation which can support the development of localised peacebuilding and dispute resolution initiatives.

Download the report below: