Raided and Razed: Attacks on West Bank Education

Published 12. Nov 2020|Updated 11. Nov 2020
The objective of this report was to analyse attacks and barriers that harmed Palestinian children’s ability to access their education across the West Bank, with special attention to some of the most vulnerable Palestinian school children in Area C.

Between January 2018 and June 2020, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) research showed that Palestinian children in the West Bank contended with a deluge of attacks on education, at a crushing pace of 10 attacks per month, on average.

Across the 30-month reporting period, NRC analysis of a multi-source dataset found that 296 attacks against education by Israeli forces or settlers and settlement private security guards took place during 235 separate incidents.

Children in the West Bank should be able to safely access their education without impediments, threats, violence, or fear. In addition to harming children’s ability to safely access schools, attacks on education undermine children’s psychological state, which can lead to poorer learning outcomes and hinder their ability to realise their full potential.

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