Quality funding - from pilot to practice

Published 30. May 2022
Programme based approach case studies.

This report is a collaboration between the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Action Against Hunger (AAH) presenting case studies of PBA implementation and learning from selected country programmes.

Following the Grand Bargain commitments to make humanitarian funding more efficient and effective, NRC has together with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) tested a more flexible approach to humanitarian funding called the programme based approach (PBA).

This presentation of case studies builds on the 2020 policy document, The Programme Based Approach: 10 lessons, that summarised lessons from the first years of PBA implementation and learning, drawing on the experiences of NRC, IRC, AAH, and Sida and NMFA. The case studies were documented to advance learning internally within the three PBA partner organisations, as well as to inform a broader external audience about the positive impact of the PBA in the humanitarian landscape. The case studies presented demonstrate that the PBA enables a more needs-based response and supports an accountable and more strategic and effective humanitarian response.

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