NRC Iraq Strategy 2022-2025

Published 09. Aug 2022
Four years from the end of active armed conflict, Iraq continues on the path to post-conflict recovery.

1.19 million Iraqis remain internally displaced with many in protracted or secondary displacement due to barriers to return or reintegration.

Displacement-affected communities continue to face issues related to documentation, shelter, livelihoods, education, security, and access to basic services. In addition, 250,00 Syrian refugees reside in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq that face specific barriers to accessing decent work and education opportunities.

While humanitarian needs are still present, improving self-reliance, developing resilience to future shocks, and achieving durable solutions are key priorities for NRC throughout the country.

Through eight objectives for 2022 to 2025, NRC Iraq's strategy will focus on supporting both conflict-affected communities, as well as those at risk of displacement.