NRC Horn of Africa Drought Response, January 2022 - June 2023

Published 06. Sep 2022
The current drought represents a tipping point in the Horn of Africa, compounding the impact of sustained conflict, political instability, Covid-19, locust infestation, sporadic flooding, a global energy crisis and the reverberating impacts on food production, supply and cost of the international armed conflict in Ukraine.

People across the region are now unable to produce or purchase enough food and water to survive; twenty million across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are facing acute food insecurity, and 213,000 are now at catastrophic levels of hunger. Just over a decade since famine killed more than a quarter of a million people in Somalia, a new famine declaration is imminent. Multiple, interlocking humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa and across the region foreshadow large-scale, entirely preventable starvation.

NRC's drought response in the Horn of Africa fits within the scope of our humanitarian response for people affected by displacement and contributes to a wider humanitarian effort to support affected communities through the immediate consequences of overlapping crises and to bolster their opportunities for recovery on the other side.