Hidden Hardship: 1 Year Living in Forced Displacement for Refugees from Ukraine

Published 21. Feb 2023
As the Ukraine war rages into a second year this week, we asked refugees from Ukraine living in neighbouring host countries what life has been like for them living in forced displacement over the last 12 months.

What has emerged is a raw picture of incredible hosting solidarity within a context of ongoing trauma, family separation and specific and long-term needs that are not being met by national social protection schemes.

Our findings show that while many people feel supported and accepted in their host communities some, such as mothers with children, pensioners, people with disabilities and the Roma community, are facing additional financial pressure due to their inability to find work, childcare or suitable accommodation.

This has resulted in them spending their savings, eating less nutritious food and relying on humanitarian aid to make ends meet.

As a humanitarian organisation, it is important we listen to the issues raised by the refugee community to better understand what they need. Governments and international donors should enact changes through targeted and flexible responses that enable all refugees to access services and pathways for safe and dignified lives while in displacement.