NRC’s emergency response to the fire in Cox’s Bazar

Published 17. Mar 2023
On 5th March, a massive fire was reported in camp 11 in Cox's Bazar, following a series of devastating fires in the camps in recent years.

According to the Inter Sector Coordination Group, 15,926 persons were affected, 5,274 Rohingya displaced; 2,805 shelters damaged or destroyed, and 155 facilities were also affected. NRC has rapidly scaled up its emergency humanitarian response.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is present on the ground, organising water, sanitation, shelter, education and legal support. We respond within 18 hours of the emergency.

This is what we do:

  • Life-saving water
  • Non-Food items
  • Education activities
  • Information, counselling and legal assistance (both mobile and in a strategic help desk in the CiC office).

We have supported nearly 15,000 individuals in Cox’s Bazar with various kinds of assistance.

Learn more about our response: