Economic inclusion of Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Published 25. Jul 2022
Analyzing how NRC and others can support Ukrainians access to the labour market

In order to support refugees facing protracted stays in Poland and given the critical importance of securing income for those facing prolonged displacement, NRC has undertaken this scoping exercise to analyse services available to Ukrainians and to identify how NRC, and others, can support Ukrainians to access the labour market.

Poland is receiving most of the refugees from Ukraine. Despite access to social benefits, these financial resources are insufficient to meet basic needs.

The objective of this work is to understand the key stakeholders including local government, civil society organisations, private sector, local NGOs, training bodies, professional councils, etc. to facilitate the entry of Ukrainian refugees who choose to stay in Poland and enter local labour markets.

The study comprised jobseekers, employers and public and private employment services, international and national nongovernmental organisations and civil society organisations.

The report offers challenges and areas of support voiced by Ukrainian refugees, employers and employment services and recommendations to move forward.