Documentation and access to health: challenges and opportunities for displaced persons

Published 04. Aug 2022

The right to health is an inclusive right linked to other human rights (such as water, safe food, healthy environment, etc.). Health services should be provided to all, including individuals affected by displacement, without discrimination.

While global data on forced displacement and access to health is scarce, it is evident that displacement is a key determinant of health and well-being, and IDPs, refugees and vulnerable migrants are among the most vulnerable populations with inadequate access to health services. Building on NRC’s field knowledge and experience, this brief describes the documentation barriers faced by displaced persons in accessing health services. The evidence base is drawn from NRC’s legal assistance (ICLA) programmes for displaced communities, case studies from eight countries and a global NRC survey conducted in November 2021 with responses from 25 countries.

The brief builds on NRC’s extensive legal aid expertise supporting displaced individuals to access civil documentation around the world.