Displacement and Housing, Land and Property Disputes in Puntland

NRC|Published 15. Mar 2015
Examining the causes of land-related disputes and their corresponding resolution mechanisms, this study will show that challenges to land ownership are endemic in Puntland, a region in northeast Somalia.

This report demonstrates how land grabbing and attempts to renege tenancy agreements with internally displaced people are pervasive practices, enabled by weak institutions, inadequate documentation, negative impacts of humanitarian investment, corruption, clan power politics, and a lack of harmonisation between traditional law, Sharia, and secular justice.

The objectives of the report are threefold: to provide recommendations for ICLA programmes in Puntland; to identify the most important stakeholders; and to inform humanitarian actors of the linkages between humanitarian intervention, land conflicts, peace building and durable solutions.

This study was commissioned by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), with assistance from the UK Government and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA).