Developing a measurement and learning framework for durable solutions among refugees living in Jordan

Published 15. Feb 2024
Achieving durable solutions for refugees is the foundation of the Norwegian Refugee Council's (NRC) work in Jordan.

NRC sought to understand how progress towards durable solutions can be understood and defined in a way that meaningfully reflects the priorities and perspectives of refugee communities in Jordan.

In 2023, NRC Jordan developed the first refugee-led framework to measure and analyse progress towards durable solutions as defined by refugees in Jordan. The framework is unique for its centring of refugees’ own perspectives, aspirations and needs in the identification of the key milestones and barriers which represent signs of progress or continued obstacles in the pursuit of durable solutions.

This report presents the measurement and learning framework, which was developed through a participatory model for visualising and tracking progress. This framework will be used to inform NRC’s programming and advocacy efforts, including the types of assistance and resources provided and how they are delivered, and advocacy for changes to existing policies and practices.