Destruction and Displacement in Ukraine: The Cost to Civilians Two Years On

Published 21. Feb 2024|Updated 12. Apr 2024
February 24 marks two years since the major escalation of war in Ukraine. The impact of the war has been devastating, with over 10,200 civilians confirmed killed and more than 19,300 injured, with under-reporting, it is likely the actual numbers of those killed and injured is significantly higher.

Nearly four million people, including roughly one million children, remain displaced within the country, while over 6.3 million are refugees globally. 14.6 million people require some form of humanitarian assistance.

This report is based on a study conducted to better understand the war's impact on people inside Ukraine. The report also includes some responses from refugees from Ukraine in Poland and Moldova. Some of the key findings include:

  • Almost half (47 per cent) of people surveyed in the east and south of Ukraine report their houses have been damaged or destroyed.
  • 57 per cent of those surveyed across Ukraine who are displaced report they have been displaced for over 18 months.
  • 83 per cent of respondents across the country report that they fear for their lives and others around them, or do not feel safe

The world must not forget Ukraine and revamp efforts to ensure continued humanitarian assistance for millions of Ukrainians still desperately in need of aid.