Climate Changed: People Displaced

NRC|Published 15. Apr 2009
In an earlier report by the Norwegian Refugee Council, ‘Future floods of Refugees,’ research illustrated that climate change is among several, often interlinked causes of displacement. This thematic report carries out recommendations of the previous report, focusing on law and protection applicable to people displaced by climate change and seeking better answers to how many are displaced.

With other key partners, NRC submitted legal analysis to climate change negotiators and advocated for the inclusion of migration and displacement issues in a new climate displacement agreement.

With the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre of NRC undertook a disaster displacement monitoring study to present some of the first numbers on the displaced.

The report zooms in on the countries of Burundi and Somalia, considered to be among the ten most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world.