Catalogue of quality funding practices to the humanitarian response

Published 17. Jul 2020
A reference tool for policymakers and practitioners to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of programming.

The Catalogue for Quality Funding Practices to the Humanitarian Response provides evidence and examples of 11 existing funding mechanisms or arrangements identified by donors and recipients as providing "quality funding" for humanitarian response. As outlined during the recent Grand Bargain annual meeting this catalogue provides case studies and examples of best practices in quality funding that are available to be scaled up and implemented.

As the Grand Bargain enters its final year, 2021 is the time for action to achieve the Grand Bargain’s quality funding ambitions, building on the robust body of evidence on the value of predictability and flexibility of funding. NRC encourages donors’ policy-makers and practitioners to use this resource to pick from, adapt and implement these quality funding examples.

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Please find more information about the Programme Based Approach described in the Catalogue in the report Programme Based Approach – 10 lessons.