Build forward: NGO recommendations on Ukraine recovery and reconstruction

Published 28. Jun 2023
It has been 15 months since the Russian Federation launched a full-scale military offensive in Ukraine, dramatically escalating the war that had been ongoing since 2014.

These hostilities have inflicted a massive human and economic toll on families and children across the country. Thousands of civilians have lost their lives, millions have been internally displaced or forced to seek refuge in other countries, and an estimated 144 billion USD worth of damage to infrastructure has been caused. Furthermore, the economy has contracted by nearly 30 percent in 2022.

Considering these devastating consequences, the governments of Ukraine and the UK hosted the second Ukraine Recovery Conference in London on 21-22 June 2023. The aim of this conference is to bring together donor governments, international financial institutions, the private sector, and civil society to mobilise international support for Ukraine's economic and social stabilisation, as well as its recovery from the effects of the war.

This paper, a collaboration between Ukrainian and international civil society and NGOs, aimed to inform conference participants on how to meet immediate needs while taking steps towards Ukraine's recovery and eventual reconstruction. It emphasises the importance of adopting an inclusive, human-centric, child-centric and gender-just approach, anticipating major risks that may jeopardise reconstruction efforts, and proposes recommendations along with mitigation measures that can be taken at present.