BRCiS community water voucher learning report

Published 11. Jan 2023
The BRCiS consortium commissioned a qualitative study on the community water voucher implemented in delivery of emergency water to drought affected communities.

The general objective of the study was to enhance learning on community water vouchers and specifically to determine the value for money of the approach; more insights on the implementation modality; community participation; accountability, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and equity. The study sought to also find out the challenges related to implementation strategies, community engagements; opportunities; and lessons learned/best practices.

The study adapted a mixed method approach for exploring meaningful learning outcomes from the use of both numerical and non-numerical data collected from different contexts and triangulated.

The team conducted a total of 31 key informants and 6 focus group discussions (55 participants; 33 females and 22 males) with the community members benefiting from the community water voucher, line ministries in state governments of Southwest, Jubaland, Galmudug, BRCiS consortium members in Bardere, Baidoa, Wajid and Galkayo districts in South Central Somalia.