Area C is Everything

Published 11. Sep 2023|Updated 08. Sep 2023
Planning for the future of Palestine

This report is based on the understanding that Palestinian survival and the dream of statehood depend on Palestinians having control over their lands, communities, and any planning regime implemented in what the Oslo Accords designated as ‘Area C’. Indeed, in the course of researching this report, one sentiment was much-repeated among those interviewed: Area C is everything. This report therefore also understands that determinations regarding Area C are integral to a resolution of the question of Palestine, the conclusion of belligerent occupation, and to the viability of a two-state solution to which much of the international community remains publicly committed.

The purpose of this report is to offer a practical approach to keeping the dream of Palestinian statehood alive by offering a different approach to spatial planning in Area C. After more than 55 years of Israeli occupation, it is clear that the status quo in Area C offers no viable future for Palestinians and Palestinian statehood. This report will be of particular interest to the Palestinian Authority (PA), donor states, UN-Habitat, INGOs and NGOs and all others working in Area C.


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