A Review of the Legal Framework Relating to the Proposed Closure of the Dadaab Refugee Camp and Repatriation of Somali Refugees

Published 30. Nov 2017
This independent legal brief was commissioned by NRC, through the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s TrustLaw programme, and was researched by a team of international and national law firms who provided pro bono support.

It addresses the legal issues arising from the Kenyan Government’s decision to, and efforts to, close Dadaab, and its commitment to the on-going repatriation process. It does this through an examination of the relevant factual background to the closure of Dadaab, and the applicable domestic, regional and international law.

While the situation in Dadaab has changed substantially since the initial closure announcements, the legal briefing provides a useful reference document for the ongoing discussions related to durable solutions, the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) and the forthcoming Global Compact on Refugees, as it includes comparison analysis of a series of other camp closures and repatriation situations worldwide.