A Critical Turning Point: The Path to Durable Solutions for Refugees in Uganda

Published 14. Nov 2023
Uganda is at an important crossroads. Decades of welcoming and hosting refugees through an exemplary open-door and rights respecting framework is starting to reach the limits of sustainability.

The impact on refugees and Ugandans hosting them is worsening socio-economic outcomes and lives stuck in a cycle of aid dependency. Decisive action is needed now to pivot the response to one of long-term funding and planning, towards durable solutions and greater prosperity for all.

This report brings refugees’ perspectives and lived realities to the forefront of discussions and strategies on how to better support them to achieve durable solutions, in policy and practice. Our findings show that, without a structured long-term development response, current simmering tensions over land and resources will likely boil over into escalating communal conflict, irreparable environmental degradation, and extreme poverty. The steady reduction in humanitarian assistance is already pushing all communities into negative coping mechanisms and accelerating decisions to make premature and dangerous returns to home countries.

As humanitarian funding priorities change, and available resources for Uganda reduce, the government should embark on a bold and innovative change in direction to ensure sustainability for their welcoming approach to hosting refugees. International donors should enable this change by committing to long-term partnerships to fully operationalise the responsibility-sharing aspirations of the Global Compact on Refugees.

Download the report and advocacy brief: