Position paper

NRC and 8 NGOs call for a Regional Humanitarian Response Plan in the North of Central America

Published 28. Jun 2019
The growing humanitarian needs in the North of Central America are of grave concern to operational NGOs, and require an upscaling and strengthening of the humanitarian response.

Violence perpetrated by criminal actors continues to generate widespread human rights violations, threats and intimidation, homicides, extortion, trafficking, kidnappings, child recruitment and sexual and gender based violence. Displacement is on the rise, both internally and across borders, while at the same time, options for international protection are dwindling as the United States and Mexico restrict access to asylum systems. We call OCHA and the Resident Coordinators to develop a Regional Humanitarian Response Plan, which would enable the humanitarian community to call attention to the humanitarian crisis in the North of Central America at the international level, ensuring that all stakeholders (states, donors and the humanitarian system) recognise the importance of the humanitarian response, and the increasing costs and risks if violence and displacement are not addressed.