Policy paper

NRC Programme Policy

NRC's Programme Policy provides the framework for ensuring coherent,quality programming across all phases of displacement.

NRC's Programme Policy builds upon NRC's overarching Policy Paper. It outlines NRC's operational focus within each of our core competencies (also known assectors of intervention), and it articulates the principles and best practices guiding our programmes.

The complex challenges that people affected by displacement face require constant programme development and innovation. This policy outlines where NRC has technical expertise. In certain cases – when the need for assistance or solutions requires – we deliver services beyond what is outlined in this policy.

The Programme Policy provides broad guidance on our core competencies and on priority approaches, including protection, cash-based interventions and integrated programming. It is to be read jointly with our other key policies, in particular the NRC Policy Paper and the Protection, Gender and Partnership policies.

Practical guidance on programme and project design, implementation and evaluation can be found in NRC's Evaluation Policy, our Project Cycle Management framework, our Monitoring and Evaluation Handbook, as well as in the core competency and thematic handbooks and online resources.