Dignified Reception Guidelines

NORCAP|Published 29. Aug 2016
Essential guidelines to dignified reception of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

Building on 30 years of development of professional responses to managing mass displacement, NORCAP developed the Dignified Reception Guidelines and the Dignified Reception Learning Toolkit, to provide all stakeholders with quick and understandable information on refugee rights, European legislation, management of different forms of reception facilities, humanitarian standards and protection standards for arriving refugees.

It is our ambition that these guidelines will help decision-makers, national authorities, humanitarians, immigration officials, politicians and the general public incorporate understanding and to be better placed to relate and engage in the opportunities and challenges countries of destination meet when facing new displacement patterns.

The guidelines and the learning toolkit have been developed by NORCAP consultant Elham Pourazar with support of Jørn C. Øwre and the layout has been developed with the generous in-kind contribution of Design Container AS