Briefing note

The urgent need to deliver quality education for 1,4 million school-aged children in Cameroon

Published 06. Jun 2023
Education in Cameroon remains a sector in crisis, as schools continue to be under attack in many parts of the country while over 1.4 million children are cramped in poorly maintained and overcrowded classrooms.

Although Cameroon continues to experience multiple unique crises, there are several overarching challenges that children face when accessing education.

As of 2022, attacks on schools and educational infrastructure continued at a similar pace compared to previous years, severely compromising the functioning of the education system in key hotspots throughout the country.

Attacks, which often involve gunshooting, killing, arson, and abductions, resulted in 3.285 schools being closed across Cameroon. This is particularly concerning in regions such as the Northwest and Southwest regions, where 68 per cent and 39 per cent of schools are non-operational. Atotal of 2,245 schools are thus still not functioning in just these two regions.

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