Briefing note

Right to safe and quality education still denied to millions of children in Cameroon

Published 09. Sep 2023|Updated 08. Sep 2023
By the end of the 2022-23 school year, thousands of schools were closed in Cameroon

The schools were closed either because they were a direct target of attacks by Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs) or because teachers have fled leaving no-one to teach, or because parents are too frightened to send their children to school or are themselves in a process of repeated forced displacement to safer areas. Not to mention that due to the impact of the three humanitarian crises affecting Cameroon, including the cholera epidemic, and recurrent floodings in the Far North region, 1.4 million school-aged children need humanitarian assistance in education in 2023.

Because armed conflict constitutes one of the most devastating barriers to education, the Education Cannot Wait – Multiyear Resilience Programme consortium in Cameroon shine a light on the urgent need of educational support for millions of children who are out of school because of crises, and the importance of ensuring the protection of schools, children and teachers at all times.