Briefing note

Formalisation of refugee-led groups in Dadaab

Published 24. Nov 2023
In Kenya, refugee inclusion in business support services is limited.

This is in part due to the directive by the Government towards the closure of camps - “the road map” and “the unpacking of Dadaab” but also as a result of the burdensome requirements for registration and acquisition of legal status to operate business entities for non-nationals, preventing many refugee-led start-ups from kicking off. Many are forced to include Kenyan nationals as partners, directors and members to be able to register as a community organisation or self-help group with the relevant state ministry.

This brief implores the relevant state actors to open up registration of refugee community groups (SHGs and CBOs) for refugees and asylum seekers in Dadaab and examines challenges experienced by refugees who seek registration of these groups. It targets humanitarians, development, and local actors, and aims to advocate and ensure that self-help groups' registration practices help refugees to legally operate businesses that build refugee self-reliance