NRC Annual Report 2017

NRC|Published 04. Jun 2018
We expanded our work and were able to help more people than ever before, assisting a record number of 8.7 million people in need.

Working in 31 countries, we have assisted more people than ever before thanks to 14,450 humanitarians working with and for displaced people on behalf of NRC.

Our teams reached more people with emergency assistance in hard-to-reach areas. In protracted crises, we supported lasting solutions such as integration through livelihoods and education. 

Our expert deployment capacity, NORCAP, helped improve international and local ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from crises. Our employees work in high-risk environments. It is our duty to take care of our staff and make sure they are reasonably safe. We are therefore improving and expanding our work on security risk management.

Although there is still a large gap between humanitarian need and global funding, the financial support from our donors increased. Our budget increased by 33 per cent from 2016, and constituted a total of USD 490 million.

As a growing organisation it is important to ensure quality in all our work. To achieve this, we have invested in reinforcing our support functions. We also constantly evaluate our efforts to learn from our experiences and to adjust our approaches and strategies.

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